Ultimate Howie Long and Cliff Branch Collections

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Thank you for visiting my website, which is totally dedicated to the Oakland Raiders Hall of Famer Howie Long and Raider great Cliff Branch.  Here you will find information on my Howie Long and Cliff Branch football card collections as well as other general info and news about them (brief bio, stats, etc.).  I update this website frequently, so feel free to bookmark it and check back often.  

               I started collecting Howie Long and Cliff Branch cards in early 2000. This collection started out with a single 1984 Topps rookie card that I pulled from a pack. After looking over the info on the card I decided I'd add Howie to the list of Raiders players I collect. Prior to getting this first Long card I was a huge fan of his as well as other Raiders. I began watching the Raiders when I was a youngster growing up and watching them in Los Angeles. By the time I was old enough to manage the prices of the higher end cards, I was hooked. By 6 months or so into it I had put together about 70 different cards. What started out as just an addition to my other player collections was quickly becoming my main focus.

I had now drastically slowed down on buying any other cards other than Howie and Cliff (other than the occasional card here and there, sometimes you just can't resist the urge). My goal was/is to build the most complete Howie Long and Cliff Branch collections in the world, the "Ultimate Howie Long and Cliff Branch Super Collections". I have been on a non-stop search ever since, scowering every possibility for a new card to add. Frequenting places like eBay, Beckett, YouTube, Facebook, various trading forums, etc.

As of April 22, 2022 I have amassed 934 different of the 1559 Howie Long items listed on Beckett's checklist and others not listed with Beckett. Giving me just under 60% of his total cards ever produced, if you take out the one of ones I need I am just over 75%. This includes: 560 unique serial numbered cards, 193 unique certified autographs, 126 unique jersey cards, and 70 unique certified autograph/jersey combo cards and all three of his Starting Lineup figures (packaged and loose). Currently I have 87 PSA cards and 16 BGS cards and 1 SGC graded card. Currently I have 40 1/1's. Feel free to click the links above to view each years cards.

 As of April 22, 2022 I have amassed 135 different of the 147 Cliff Branch items listed on Beckett's checklist, giving me just over 90% of his total cards ever produced. This includes: 83 serial numbered cards, 33 certified autographs, 18 jersey cards, and 7 certified autograph/jersey combo cards. Currently I have 20 PSA cards and 1 BGS card. Feel free to click the links above to view each years cards.

Also, if you have any Howie Long or Cliff Branch cards that I don't have (or know someone who does) and are willing to part with them please send me an e-mail, I'm sure we can work out a sale or equitable trade. If you are looking to find some Howie Long or Cliff Branch cards for your collection, hit me up I may have extras. Don't forget to leave me your email. So check out your local card shows, call your local hobby shops, there's money to be made.